Q. What’s the difference between the rolled canvas and stretched canvas?
A: It is exactly how it is described and is a “rolled” canvas unframed and comes rolled up in a canister. The rolled canvas option is great for those who want to save money on freight or who live overseas. 

 - The stretched canvas is mounted over specialised wooden stretcher bars which ensure the canvas remains tight, it is then finished with wire for you to hang. You can view more about the finishing and quality of products here.

Q. We noticed you print on metallic paper, can you also print on gloss or matte paper?
A: We have chosen metallic paper as it best suites the individual photographs and has a nice shine to it. However if you would like a simple gloss or matte print we can have this organised for you simply type in the instructions “matte print” or “gloss print” and this will be organised for you. All of our printing equipment and paper are of the highest quality and are designed to last a life time.

Q. I would like to purchase a large canvas print. What is the largest size you can offer?
A: The largest canvas print we can supply depends on the aspect ratio of the photograph. As a general rule the shortest edge cannot be any larger than 100cm as our printer limits any other sizes. That means a 2:1 ratio panoramic print can be printed at 200cmx100cm. A 3:2 ratio can be printed at 150cmx100cm. For custom print sizes we require specific dimensions and we can source them for you. Other options for large print areas are the Tryptich 3 panel canvas and also the Quad canvas system. The largest quad canvas system for a 3:2 ratio print is 300cmx 200cm which are 4 x the 150cmx100cm stretched canvas. Please view here for a previous customer mock up of “inside out at Kirra”.

Q. We saw one of your photographs on Facebook but couldn’t find it in your store, are we able to purchase this?
A: Yes of course. Right click and save the photograph and email it to me or if I have labelled it with a name send it through on my Facebook page. Prices will remain as advertised on my on line store.

Q. We have received a discount code to purchase one of your amazing photographs from the Gold coast. How do we apply the discount code?
A: Once you have selected the photograph size and material. Simply press add to cart. Click check out and you will be taken to paypal order where you can choose to use paypal or pay with your credit card. Down the bottom of the payment screen there is an area to place your discount codes. If you have any questions or your discount code isn’t working please contact me. You can also view our "how to order" page which will outline the payment process and where to add your discount codes and gift cards.
Q. We live in Australia, how much is it for shipping? 
A: We like to make sure that you aren't hit with any surprises on checkout so all orders above $250.00 in Australia are free unless being shipping to Tasmania where it will cost $70.00 for our courier to deliver your amazing artwork. 
Size & Price Guide

The table below is best used to identify at a glance the price differences between products and mediums used. It's also a great indication on the overall framed print size.

Example a print sized 100x66cm that is framed will have total dimensions off 114x80cm, this includes the frame and matt board (passe parse-out)  

View specs of our framed products 

View specs of our acrylics

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Standard and most common aspect ratio 3:2

Unframed Products

Framed Products

Print Size in CM Canvas Rolled Canvas Stretched Acrylic Sheer Mount



Metallic (print only) Framed Metallic Print Overall Framed Size in CM
3:2 ratio              
50x33 N/A N/A N/A N/A $229 $450 62x45
60x40 Ask for quote $280 N/A $525 $259 $525 72x52
75x50 Ask for quote $360 $730 $625 $365 $625 89x64
100x66 Ask for quote $530 $1,080 $870 $570 $870 114x80
120x80 Ask for quote $660 N/A $1,230 $800 $1,230 134x94
135x90 Ask for quote N/A N/A N/A N/A $1,320 154x104
150x100 Ask for quote $880 $1,799 $1,799 $1,099 $1,799 166x116


Panorama Prints with 2:1 aspect ratios

Unframed Products

Framed Products

2:1 Ratio Canvas Rolled Canvas Stretched Acrylic Sheer Mount Aluminium Prints Metallic (print only) Framed Metallic Print Overall Framed Size in CM
50x25 N/A N/A N/A N/A $229 $450 62x37
60x30 Ask for quote $280 N/A $525 $259 $525 72x42
75x37.5 Ask for quote $360 $730 $625 $365 $625 89x51.5
100x50 Ask for quote $530 $1,080 $870 $570 $870 114x64
120x60 Ask for quote $660 N/A $1,230 $800 $1,230 134x74
150x75 Ask for quote $880 $1,799 $1,799 $1,099 $1,799 166x89


Square Prints 1:1 Ratio

Unframed Products

Framed Products

1:1 Ratio Canvas Rolled Canvas Stretched Acrylic Sheer Mount Aluminium Prints Metallic (print only) Framed Metallic Print Overall Framed Size in CM
60x60 N/A $290 $540 N/A N/A $550 72x72
75x75 N/A $400 $740 N/A N/A $690 89x89
100x100 N/A $530 $1,200 N/A N/A $1,320 104x104