Ocean art photography on the Gold coast

August 21, 2013

If you have had the time to peruse my ocean art portfolio you would have noticed there is a vast range of ocean art from the Gold coast area and some from Hawaii and Bali also.

Several years ago when I first started photographing the ocean I was focused on shooting surfers, body-board riders and even the odd body surfer. I had a lot of success with shooting these guys with my main accolades was winning the “Digital camera world photographer of the year - 2010” picking up a nice cash price too. Now a days though my passion lies within capturing the ocean and movements of waves along the golden sand banks from Stradbroke island to Kingscliff in Northern NSW and everywhere in-between.

Surf photography on the Gold Coast is ever becoming increasingly popular, head down to Duranbah or Snapper rocks on any weekend and there is as many photographers as there are surfers. Many photographers start off extremely passionate about their love for surf photography, but as the years go by I’ve noticed some of the guys I was shooting with when I started, have slowly moved on to other forms of photography and drifted out of the scene. It’s not easy being a surf photographer or a photographer based on the Gold coast for that matter, the prices of cameras and camera gear is getting more and more competitive every month, it’s becoming even harder to show that different style and diversity in ones work. But with saying that, competition drives excellence.

Trying to be different is the only thing that will set us apart from the heard, now being different doesn’t always mean you will be liked but at least you’re giving it a “SHOT” no pun intended J

Take this shot for example; this is an underwater photo of a wave crashing down on the surface above my head. This is certainly a different look/feel and moment in time compared to a lot of what the other guys are shooting. I’m not going to give away too many details on how I shot this as I feel if I give too many of my secrets away, the rest of the Gold coast will soon follow.

Currently the water clarity on the Gold coast is unbelievable so I’m hoping I can get out in time and shoot some new work I have been conjuring up over the last year or so

You can purchase this artwork on canvas or metallic prints via my online store. www.jonwrightphoto.comand click store link. This particular image is also printed on metallic paper in Gold Coast Ocean images gallery & café in Broadbeach Australia.

Don’t forget you can view more of my work on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM @jonwrightphoto. If you would like a shoutout on Instagram make sure you #shoutmejonwright so I can see your shots. Currently I am giving away 2 shoutouts a week, one on Sunday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. Some amazing photos have been coming through recently which has been great to see.

Lastly make sure you’re following me on twitter as a new competition will be released very shortly..

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