April 25, 2016

Wow, what an epic 4 days on the Gold Coast it has been over the last week. My fiancé’ and myself were lucky enough to have a few nights away enjoying the Gold Coast nightlife. For this photo-shoot I focused a lot more on the buildings and its surroundings which make up the picturesque Gold Coast skylines.

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If you’re fan of M83 you would know by now that the title above “the city is my church’ is from his song “Midnight City” I though what a great name to blog this series of photographs and also named one of them exactly that. It’s song that I often have on repeat as I love the epic sense of adventure and cinematic sounds that bring inspiration to my photography. It’s weird how music can change the way you feel and often lead you in a different direction creatively.

So, what does this lyric mean? Well, I’m not M83 so it’s hard to interpret exactly what the artists implies, but that’s the great thing about music and art. For many it might mean one thing and for others it could mean something completely different. For me though, it’s all about the sense of adventure and finding yourself in a world populated with many others. The city is where he finds peace and a sense of being a part of something greater. I guess you could say it’s where he would meditate and become one with his surroundings.

Now for the photographs? As with music, photography and art can be interpreted in many different ways. Often the artist will create a piece that will inspire a question in the viewers self. Wondering what the photographer wants to convey in their story, other times photographs are just beautiful photos of everyday life. I’m always trying to mix both together as best as possible.

Surfers Paradise cityscape art

For this series my story is about the beauty of our everyday surrounds, often we overlook how amazing our life is in Australia as we get bogged down with work and how we often we are starring down at our phones and forgetting to look up for that magical sunset.


Surfers paradise photographyGold Coast midnight city

Midnight city Surfers Paradise art


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Size & Price Guide

Framed photographic artwork size and price guide

For photographic framed artwork we have provided you with an overall size guide based on the print size you choose. Example a print sized 100x66cm will be framed in an overall size frame of 116x82cm (approx) this is the size that will fill your wall space.
Custom print and frame sizes are available on request; please contact me directly at HERE to discuss your options. Please include the photo you want printed and framed as well as dimensions of the photograph and frame as well as specific type of framing colour/materials you would like used.
For our overseas customers, we often find it best to ship a print only option rolled in a canister and shipped with Australia Post. From here, you will take your print to a local framing artist to have your print professionally framed and ready to hang on your wall.


Unframed Products Framed Products
Print Size in CM Canvas Rolled Canvas Stretched Acrylic Sheer Mount Aluminium Prints Metallic (print only) Framed Metallic Print Overall Framed Size in CM
3:2 ratio              
50x33 N/A N/A N/A N/A $199 $419 62x45
60x40 $150 $229 N/A $500 $239 $460 72x52
75x50 $180 $299 $599 $750 $280 $499 89x64
100x66 $290 $489 $729 N/A $419 $720 114x80
120x80 $400 $579 N/A N/A $599 $919 134x94
135x90 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $1,320 154x104
150x100 $480 $649 $1,349 $1,450 $1,000 $1,799 166x116
2:1 Ratio Canvas Rolled Canvas Stretched Acrylic Sheer Mount Aluminium Prints Metallic (print only) Framed Metallic Print Overall Framed Size in CM
50x25 N/A N/A N/A N/A $199 $419 62x37
60x30 $150 $229 N/A $500 $239 $460 72x42
75x37.5 $180 $299 $599 $750 $280 $499 89x51.5
100x50 $290 $489 $729 N/A $419 $720 114x64
120x60 $400 $579 N/A N/A $499 $919 134x74
150x75 $480 $649 $1,349 $1,450 $899 $1,320 154x79
1:1 Ratio Canvas Rolled Canvas Stretched Acrylic Sheer Mount Aluminium Prints Metallic (print only) Framed Metallic Print Overall Framed Size in CM
60x60 N/A $290 $540 N/A N/A $550 72x72
75x75 N/A $400 $740 N/A N/A $690 89x89
100x100 N/A $440 $1,200 N/A N/A $1,320 104x104

Three piece stretched canvas

Our three piece stretched canvas (also called triptych) is a popular option of the interior designers. Using the rule of thirds the canvas is broken into three pieces giving it a fresh look with a difference. 


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