The golden mile - winter swell on the Gold Coast

August 18, 2014 3 Comments

WOAHHH what an amazing way to finish off the weekend here on the Gold Coast. It was torrential rain all of last night and yesterday and today we woke up to overcast clouds, messy surf….UNTIL this happened.


By 10AM the winds swung offshore and there were AFrames pumping all along the coast, there has been plenty of surf around for the ever so crowded Gold coast beach breaks. The best thing is most of you who did go surfing found a nice piece of paradise working in your favour which produced some of the funnest sessions to date.


For me though, I decided to shoot a couple shots at the start before I went out and got shacked with my mate. I came back in and shot for no more than 10 minutes and captured a bunch of perfect peelers lining up the golden mile. They say that the best surfer out in the water is the one who is having the most fun and I can honestly say me and my friend Luke were Kelly Slater and Mick fanning duelling it out and always having a smile on our faces. It’s this type of session that keeps you wanting to come back for more and see those amazing chandeliers cascading around your vessel.


Lately I am always taking out my Aquatech water housing and Canon 5DmkIII to shoot from the water, but it was a nice change of pace to grab the Canon 100-400mm lens and sit back, relax and capture these beauties. Thanks for the inspiration @mattburt on Instagram as I used to take a lot of these shots when I was first starting surf photography and lately feel like I’ve lost my way, however after shooting these I feel rejuvenated and loving the land shots all over again. CHEERS MATT

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October 09, 2015

Boy this takes me back again but unfortunately my eyes will not be eellcxent as they utilized to be. Not convinced of the decades but I do recall the 56 Dodge along with the 57 Rambler wagon. My dad constantly believed in the Rambler cars. Liked the seems but boy the car field has appear a lengthy way!


October 09, 2015

Thank you Vida, these moments are rare and fltnieeg, One reason to try and paint them, even if they seem unbelievable to some. At least now I have proof to show the skeptics and land locked


September 20, 2015

The feelings these corlos evoke in me are incredible. I would love to transport myself to this very spot and experience this as you have. I can’t ever remember a pink sunset here in Greece, although I have seen some exquisite sunrises and sunsets living on the island. I look forward to experiencing the painting! Thank you for all that you do.

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