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Brisbane to Airlie and everything most things in-between

October 14, 2014

For my Facebook followers you would remember a few months back I was asking for places to photograph and visit on a trip up to Airlie beach. I’ve taken a list you guys have given me and made plans to drop by and grab some pictures. Here is the list and destinations you gave me

  • Noosa Heads
  • Rainbow beach
  • Hervey Bay
  • The town of 1770
  • Lady Musgrave Island
  • Bustard Head
  • Point Hillsborough
  • Mackay
  • Airlie Beach
  • Long island resort
  • Whitehaven beach
  • Hill inlet
  • Hardy’s reef

We are currently 5 days into the road trip from Brisbane to Airlie and have already visited Rainbow via horseback, visited Carlo sand blow and watched the paraglide taking off like seagull to soar above the coloured sands in rainbow beach. We have been eaten alive by midgies on our first day as my over enthusiasm propelled me towards the water without any insect repellent (still paying for that 5 days later)

Our original plan was to whale watch in Hervey bay but we need to get to Airlie beach in time for our 4 night stay on Long island resort. So instead we went straight to the town of 1770 and were lucky enough to grab a cheap cabin at The Cookhouse camping grounds. Super wonderful people on the front counter and they were extremely helpful with book our trip out to Lady Musgrave Island.

Over the next few days I will be posting some photographs from each of the locations we have visited. But for now here are a couple photographs from Rainbow beach Carlo Sand blow. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for my photographs from the above locations.

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