TC Winston 27/02/2016 - Gold Coast

February 27, 2016

Let's be honest, there is no shortage of photographic goodness coming from the Gold Coast Surf Photographers community. In fact it's pretty hard to separate yourself from the pack with the huge numbers heading down south and making an appearance at the hot spot.

Knowing that every man and his dog would be documenting the Superbank, Snapper rocks and Kirra I thought I'd go out on a limb and head to Burleigh heads for first light. I setup my gear and waited patiently for the photograph I had in my mind, unfortunately the image I wanted to capture was suddenly ruined last minute by another photographer walking right up and inline with the spot I was hoping to photograph. Frustrating? Yeah, but I ended up moving a little to the left to try and capture close to what I had in mind. A wise man once told me "change isn't a four letter word, but often the first word you think of is", needless to say a few four letter words were running through my head at this time.

TC Winston - Man looks for the horizon

Unfortunately for this guy he had all the ambition in the world, attempting to head out twice but couldn't make it. He got pushed back in and was forced to head in between the rocks. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if you fail, so long as you try, because if you don't try, you have already failed.

After the sun had risen I played around with a few other techniques (more of them to come in the next blog post)

So I eagerly ventured south with more excitement than a kid on Christmas Eve, just to see all my friends and fellow budding photographer pals, I couldn't wait to hustle for a spot to hopefully grab a frame or two. (insert sarcasm)

Kirra Groyne - TC Winston

With that being said it's always good catching up with old friends and photography has certainly given me the opportunity to meet a heap of awesome people. If you see me out photographing, please come say hi. I don't mind talking and shooting or if you need some pointers I'm always happy to help.

Kirra Groyne - TC Winston 2016

Kirra Groyne Gold Coast Surf images


The Superbank Greenmount and Snapper Rocks

 Did he make it? Find out in TC Winston 2.0.

Did he make it? Kirra Beach

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