November 18, 2021

This week we go into a deep dive on what I beleive are my top 5 Australian landscape prints.

The criteria is simple, it needs to be a quintessential image that depicts or or more of the following:

  • Every day life in Australia
  • Beautiful fauna
  • Stunning coastal spaces
  • Historic features such as buildings or bridges, perhaps Sydney Opera House

So, with this in mind I'm off an away to find photos in my collection that really tell the story of life in Australia. These of course are not documentary photos, they're tailored around fine art photography, landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes.


Number 5 on the list

Observertory Hill, showcasing the beautiful Syndey Harbour Bridge. A historical landmark and it truly is beautiful. This had to be included in the top 5 Australian Prints, simply because it's such a huge part of life in Sydney.



Number 4

From Shark Bay Western Australia. I absolutely love this abstract aerial print. A birds eye view, looking down at dessert in the far west. The blue water meets such beautiful reds. It's an incredible place to visit, with widlife abundant everywhere you look. Turtles, sharks, dolphins, emus and echidnas just to name a few. David Attenborough filmed some episodes of  Blue Plent here.


Number 3

Binnalong Bay Tasmania. I personally don't think you can get much more Australian than this. The beauitful gum trees lining the Tasman Sea, the stunning white sands and beautiful colour palette which treats itself to a coastal home. I love this shot and this place in Tasmania. Will certainly head back there one day soon.

Number 2

This was a close contender for the number one Australian Print!! Living by the beach, we have a huge culture of surf, sunbaking, swimming and using our beautifu beaches to their fullest potential. Personally I'm drawn to the ocean like many of you. When the wind is up and you haven't secured your beach umbrella, this is bound to happen. It happens frequently and it really does bring back memories of going to the beach with my family when a was a toddler. To me, this brings emotions of joy, happiness, having a holiday with my family. Maybe it will do the same for you, hopefully it finds that special emotional connection like I have. This is the power of art and photography! 


My favourite Australian Landscape Print is........

It's hard to go past this photograph which takes out my number one spot as my top Australian Art Print!! The beach, the surf and the coastline which is famous for being a Surfers Paradise. Although, conditions like this are hard to find along this stretch of beach due to the direction of the winds and abundance of sand, it sure is a great place to surf, have fun with friends and family and enjoy life. Which is what we are all wanting to do! 


Being a photographer in Australia is one of the most rewarding and interesting jobs I could dream of. Being able to travel with friendly people from all around, enjoying beautiful views, large mountains and the vast difference of dessert surrounded by turquoise waters, really is a dream come true. I'm very greatful and fortunate that I've been able to travel around our beautiful country. Maybe I'm a little biased but I think Australia is one of the most intersting places on Earth.

Don't forget if you would like to purchase a print from my website, click the links on the images. Otherwise, if you just want to chat. Want to talk photography techniques and all things camera related. Hit my up on Instagram, Facebook or shoot through and email.


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